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I'm Tyler Shepard, a Pararescueman with over 7 years of active duty experience and in this career since 2014. Due to the COVID mandate in the military, I took a break to transition from Active Duty and later transitioned to Part-Time once the mandate dropped. Pararescue, a special operations field in the Air Force, specializes in personnel recovery (PR). We're nationally certified Paramedics with broad Emergency Medicine skills including chest tubes, antibiotics, and suturing. As a proud American, I deeply value our country and its principles, particularly the transformative US Constitution. Following the COVID policies, I became passionate about preserving our freedoms and preparing for potential disruptions.


This led me to establish Snafu Industries, comprising Snafu Ready and Snafu Swag. The term "Snafu," originating from WW2, signifies "Situation Normal; All Fucked Up," capturing a composed approach to challenges. Snafu Ready equips individuals in Emergency Medicine, Firearms, and Disaster Prep/Survival. Drawing from my expertise as a Nationally Certified Paramedic, Reservist Pararescueman, and Level 1 Survival instructor, I provide authoritative guidance.

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